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“Just like the Moon, we all go through phases”

As from now on we will post twice a month a new post.

This very year 2020 (as I already mentioned last year) is a year full of changes, at work as well as in personal life. Because of Corona conditions our school/teachings are forced to adapt to new situations and regulations with their restrictions.

Our school got a new start from 14 September 2020 and all training days remain the same: Leuven – Sportoase – Monday and Thursday – 18u30 till 20u00, Putte – Klein Boom – Wednesday – 19u30 till 21u30. The content will be more structured and adapted to the “Corona conditions” : distance, disinfect hands and used materials, …(see local restrictions). In Putte there are more possibilities because of the presence of some boxing/kicking bags and a Wooden Dummy.

During the past 365 days the I.S.D.S. also was involved in making a Short Movie called “The Beach Dreamer”. More information and images can be found here: BAT - Projects

In the near future the BAT will produce some more projects.

For myself I decided to write more about Martial Arts, how I got involved and how it influenced my life in general.

“As life goes by changes are constantly at the door….it is our duty to adapt to these life changes.”