The Beach Dreamer

A BAT production in cooperation with Trium Virate. 

Written, directed, and produced by Patrick Van Vlasselaer.

Movie trailer                                                                    

POSTER 1.jpg


          Ryan               Patrick Chielens
          Anna               Eniko Orbán
          Old Master   Jem Burke
          Boss               Patrick Van Vlasselaer
          Bitch              Marika Chielens
          Thug 1            Marcell Molcsan
          Thug2            Ian Boderé
          Tourist           Patrick Van Vlasselaer

Patrick Van Vlasselaer
Patrick Chielens - Jem Burke
Patrick Van Vlasselaer

Screenplay                                Patrick Van Vlasselaer

Casting                                       Patrick Van Vlasselaer
Camera/Sound                          Patrick Van Vlasselaer
                                       Patrick Chielens
                                                     Jem Burke
                                                     Levente Engel
Locations                                   Patrick Van Vlasselaer
                                                     Trium Virate
Set dressing                               Eniko Orbán
Hair and make up                      Marika Chielens
Assistent hair and make up      Eniko Orbán
Stunt choreography                  BAT (Belgian Action Team)
Trainer martial arts                    Patrick Van Vlasselaer
Editor                                          Patrick Van Vlasselaer
Assistent editor                         Patrick Chielens
                                                     Eniko Orbán
Creative editor-illustrator       Eniko Orbán

Special thanks to Restaurant La Filosofia for giving home to the screening of our movie .

Check out their website 

In the production of “The Beach Dreamer”, my personal involvement was:

writing the script as well as creating the storyboard/shot breakdown, the pre-production

(location, casting, transport, legal affairs), directing, stunt/fight choreography, set dressing, acting,

camera and post-production (editing the trailer and the director's cut).

The team of “The Beach Dreamer” was most amateurs. Two persons (The Old Master and Ryan) had some Martial Arts background and the lead character was fine-tuned by me on the level of physical fitness, nutrition,

stunt adviser as well as fighting techniques/choreography.


We can see some Wing Chun Kung Fu as well as Filipino Martial Arts.

Two other stuntmen and one stuntwoman had no experience in stunting nor movie fighting so this was a great challenge.

Considering all these “amateurish” situations I may say that it`s a nice project, made with a very low budget

(not even 200,00 Euro private funding) and lots of effort and motivation from all participants.

Not being paid gives a problem in the commitment of the crew, which in the end … affects the project.

In the near future, there will be more projects starting with another short movie (low budget)

to learn more about movie-making, what NOT to do, and what needs to be done.