Belgian Action Team

movie making, stunts and more...

        The BAT is a constantly changing group of people interested to join the team for a while and do some projects together.

               The latest project BAT made and released (September 2020) is a short movie called “The Beach Dreamer”.

“The Beach Dreamer” Movie trailer

BAT is more than action.


It is also involved in production, pre-production, directing, acting, post-production,

and releasing in all kinds of styles like action movies, psycho thrillers, crime, and dark movies.

All can be done with proper input and interest.

In the case of action/stunt movies, some basic requirements can be pointed out like:

power, speed, coordination, fearless, flexibility.

Specified trainings:

 - personal body training (specific muscle training/bodybuilding)

- mental training (focusing, relaxing under pressure,…)

Stunt work is much more than fighting also falls and rolls, weaponry, stunt driving, firework,

high falls, diving, trampoline, etc.

Being a stunt double is not just a work but a daily lifestyle.

Parkpoort - Phillipsite 6,

3000 Leuven

Mechelbaan 604,

2580 Putte



Tel: +32473945306

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