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movie making, stunts and more...

Belgian Action Team is a section within the I.S.D.S. responsible for making movies.

It consists of ever-changing group amateurs and (semi) professionals who want to participate in filmmaking.


               The latest project, called “The Beach Dreamer” (2020), is a short movie with some Martial Arts action

showing Wing Chun techniques like Pac Sao, Biu Jee, Sat Sao,… as well as Filipino Martial Arts

(Split entry, Gunting, knife and stick fighting).

                         “The Beach Dreamer” movie trailer.

BAT is more than action.


It is also involved in production, pre-production, directing, acting, post-production,

and in releasing of all kinds of movie styles like action movies, psycho thrillers, crime, and dark movies.

In the case of action/stunt movies, some basic requirements are pointed out like:

power, speed, coordination, fearless, flexibility.

Specified trainings:

 - personal body training (specific muscle training/bodybuilding)

- mental training (focusing, relaxing under pressure,…)

Being a stunt double is not just a work but a daily lifestyle.

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