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In 2006 a student of mine in the I.S.D.S.

became interested in action and stunt work.

So to give him the opportunity to shine as a scriptwriter/director/ actor/stuntman 

we came together and made a short movie called “Snapshot”. 


We wrote the script, did the casting, found a cameraman, and did the directing together.

We also did some acting in this small project. With this and a demo reel he made himself known,

he left to the USA, LA, and found his way there in the film industry.

His last project was “Crossing Point”.

But out of that small project (Snapshot), we got some good contacts, martial arts students all around

and I decided to get a group together. This is BAT.

International contacts

Many movie connections come from being a student at the Inosanto Academy in Los Angeles, USA.

Here movie stars are coming for fight rehearsals needed in their film like Matt Damon, Denzel Washington,

 because of the wide and various martial arts knowledge is given at the academy.


Students/Instructors are connected with some serious action movies like

Chad Stahelski (The Hunger Games, The Matrix, John Wick,…)

Jeff Imada ( Bourne Identity Serie, Furious 7, Blade,… )

Burton Richardson (The Circle, Heatseeker, Kickboxer 4,… )

Mitchell Gould (Lead stuntman “VR Troupers, The Tuxedo, Ultraviolet, Wild Wild West,…)

Damon Caro (300, Wonder Woman, Watchmen,…)

and Guro/Sifu Dan Inosanto himself (Game of death, Big Trouble in Little China, Big Stan, Red belt, The Book of Eli,… )

Our own Belgian experience started with

“Mariken” (2000), “Loft” (2008), “The Old Man” (2018), “Flying Thief” (Beggars Mercy)(2018), 

“Snapshot” (2007) in co-production with Shawn Lock and own production “The Beach Dreamer” (2020).

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