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SCHOOL prizes

Insurance (FROS): € 25,00 annually (2021-2022 season).
Federation fees I.S.D.S.: annual (12 months) € 60,00 first year, (including T-shirt and school badge).

              Tuition fee

- Tryout Putte € 10,00/ 2hrs

- Subscription Putte €40,00/month - €100,00/ 3 months - €80,00/ 10 classes

- Access to the open school Putte € 200,00/ year + Access to the private group Leuven extra € 100,00



 Only for Putte € 285,00

 Putte + Leuven € 385,00

Costs to be paid on BE11 3300 5001 2648

                           Normal sports clothing can suffice to start, but after a short trial period (2-3 months) it is necessary to wear the school uniform. A GI is mandatory.

                               The materials can be borrowed from the school during the first lessons, but it is desirable to purchase the following items: cross-protection, 2 Escrima sticks, practice dagger, and possibly extra protections, Focusmit, Thai pad.

It is thanks to these own materials that one can also practice outside the lessons (alone or in a group).


Everyone from 12 years can register without problems.
Adults from the age of 18 do have a certificate of "Good moral conduct".
Everyone also needs to complete a registration form and bring in 3 recent passport photo.

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