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The History of ISDS and Sifu as a teacher.

We made three sections by continent which left a huge impression in the history of the school.

Each section unfolds the timeline of the zone, the events of the year and the encounters with important people.


Where it all started.

Leuven, Sifu at age of 14, went out his brother seeing for the first time the famous movie of Bruce Lee "Enter the Dragon".

Follow Sifu journey till he decided that he needed to learn more.


Sifu first encounter with Udo Muller was in Speyer during a Seminar hold by Guro Dan Inosanto in 1989.

Europe was home of many seminaries true the years, Sifu did his best to join everyone of them.


After following Guro Dan seminaries in Europe a few times, Sifu decided to go to learn from him in his homeland. After the very succesful and famous Somky Mountain Camp in 1990, where various succesful people made it to the fame, Sifu decided to step in Guro Dan footsteps and become a Full Instructor not only in Jeet Kune Do but also in Filipino Martial Arts.  

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