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The I.S.D.S... a lifetime work - part 2.

From 1987 until 1990 I had my new I.S.D.S. at “Squash Center De Vaart” and had the name ISDS registered so no more misconduct could happen.

During these 3 years, we could participate 3 times at the “All Style Martial Arts Competition” in Brussels. As we have a “Self Defence” mentality, meaning no sports rules, people were not so keen to see us coming.

In 1989 I went the first time to Speyer, Germany, for an international seminar with Guro Dan Inosanto. It was on this occasion that I met a new friend Franco Vacirca from Switzerland, who helped me through the whole seminar. Several “new” styles were presented and new to me…Wing Chun Kung fu, Jun Fan Gung Fu, Filipino Martial Arts, Thaiboxing, and some grappling. It gave me the “force” to train different and more seriously.

In 1990 the school moved to Diestsestraat 234, Leuven. Together with some close students (Frank Smets and Bruno Princen), we made a beautiful DOJO, linked at a Martial Arts / Chinese goods Shop.

It was now that the school has begun to flourish and getting known for its quality teachings. Several workshops and seminars were organized and invitations for Self Defence courses came from schools all over town.

From this year 1990 on I started to follow several international seminars and camps (Germany, Switzerland, Spain, France, USA – New York, Atlanta, Oregon, North Carolina, Los Angeles). After 300 hrs I started my Apprentice Instructorship in 1993 under Sifu Francis Fong and Guro Dan Inosanto. I also became the representative Thai Boxing under Ajarn Surachai Sirisute in Belgium, as well as Shooto Advanced Student under Sensei Yori Nakamura.

Also, changes came for the school…in 1993 we moved to Tervuursevest 179, Heverlee (Private)…in 1995 to Kessel-lo (Sporthal) together with a private Kwoon in Holsbeek, Gravenstraat 50. At this last location, lots of teachings were given like Private lessons, Workshops, Bodyguarding,…

But…jealousy came around again, and several students went “to the other side” (Defcross) and even tried to finish my reputation as well as my school. None of this succeeded.

Nevertheless, promotions came…Associate Instructor (1996)…Senior Associate…Full Instructor ( ) and since 2014 Full Instructor JFGF-JKD and FMA under Guro Dan Inosanto.

Today the I.S.D.S. still goes strong, teaching in Leuven (Sportoase) and Putte (Klein Boom) and giving workshops, yearly Martial Arts Boot Camps, Self Defence for women, etc.

Sifu/Guro P.

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