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As Corona continues…

Understandably, during these days it is hard to stay motivated and do some personal work out.

But even then it is possible to stay in shape and focused on things that matter to each of us.

I, myself do my daily work out: stretching (following the suggestions of Nils), yoga positioning (standing- and ground positions) and some muscle training (different push-up series, sit-up variations, squatting), and some animal flow (Jem’s activity). It varies daily so I won’t be bored. Also, some music can help me to stay motivated. Each workout takes about 30 to 45 min. Maybe not long, but EVERY day.

Besides the active part, you can check the I.S.D.S. curriculum and take some notes of possible questions you still have. Bring it up to the Forum and your fellow students may reflect on your doubts.

Some students are more active than others on the Forum but that’s ok, as long as everybody is involved in the school. Of course, reactions are always welcome.

Today, 27th November, Sojo Bruce Lee would have been 80. (

It would be interesting knowing how his JKD would have been at this age…

Remember the lineage of his Art and follow your own path, as it is yours to be.

Sifu/Guro P.

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