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Because we speak about the no-nonsense self defence we are proud to offer our reality-based courses for women.

Three stages are been taught: 

- First stage: basic self defence out of grips conform to the Belgian law of (self)-defence;

- Second stage: self defence with daily tools and or weapons;

- Third stage: a combination of stages 1 and 2.  In all stages the following 5 W are taken into consideration:

Who? Where? Why? When? What? in relation of distress.

Every course is adapted to the participants to their physical, mental, and emotional level.

Sinds the early `90 s we are specialized in teaching self defence for both gender and all ages.

As life evolves also the content of the course is adapted to the present social changes.

Self defence course gallery true the years:
Korbeek-Lo nov. 91 (1)
Korbeek-Lo nov. 91 (1)

Korbeek-Lo nov. 91 (2)
Korbeek-Lo nov. 91 (2)

2016 -  Zelfverdediging cursus vrouwen
2016 - Zelfverdediging cursus vrouwen


Korbeek-Lo nov. 91 (1)
Korbeek-Lo nov. 91 (1)

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25 years

Deze cursus is a

mind - changer!

Fantastisch hoe Patrick de aanpak ook afstemde op de persoon.

We hebben veel bijgeleerd, zowel op fysiek vlak als psychologisch.

Je wordt uit je

kot gelokt.

38 years

19 years

21 years